B. Walwyn

Stephen Jones, in Biographia Dramatica; or, A Companion to the Playhouse (1812) 1:735-36.

This gentleman was born in Worcestershire in 1750. His father was a leather-seller in the Borough, and he himself was bred to the same profession; but was much addicted to study at every hour that he could steal from business. Having, however, married a lady with two thousand pounds, he went in to business for himself in a wholesale warehouse in Watling Street. In this undertaking he suffered innumerable losses, and was employed by his father to transact business for him in Ireland. He here bought and fitted out a ship, and in his first voyage was wrecked, and thrown a stranger and an outcast on the northern shore of Ireland. On his arrival in London, he found himself destitute of any other dependance, but the support of his wife and family, than an annuity of forty pounds. In this predicament he commenced author, and was engaged as one of the critics in Dr. Kenrick's London Review. He has also written a variety of essays in the public prints; London, a satire, about 1781; and two dramatic pieces, viz.

1. Chit Chat. Int. 8vo. 1781.

2. Matrimonial Breakfast. 8vo. N.D.