John Cartwright Cross

Stephen Jones, in Biographia Dramatica; or, A Companion to the Playhouse (1812) 1:155-57.

JAMES C. CROSS was formerly, an actor at Covent Garden and the Haymarket Theatres. His first wife was on the stage; and after her death Mr. Cross married Miss Jones, daughter of the proprietor of the Royal Circus (now called the Surrey Theatre); by which circumstance he became a part proprietor of that house, and acting manager; and thenceforward he devoted the productions of his pen chiefly, of course, to that concern His first dramatic essay was the writing of dialogue for the apt introduction of some of the most favourite of Mr. Dibdin's songs; which entertainment was performed several nights at Covent Garden Theatre, under the title of,

1. The Divertisement. M. E. 1790. N. P.

The other specimens of this gentleman's dramatic talents are as follow:

2. Humours of Brighton. Sk.1792
3. Purse. M. D. 8vo. 1794.
4. British Fortitude and Hibernian Friendship. M. D. 8vo. 1794.
5. The Apparition. Mus. Dr. Rom. 8vo. 1794.
6. The Charity Boy. M.E. 1796. N. P.
7. Village Doctor. Burl. 8vo. 1796.
8. Way to get Unmarried. D. S. 8vo. 1796.
9. Escape into Prison. M. E. 1797.
10. Harlequin and Quixote. Pant. 1797.
11. In Love, in Debt, and in Liquor. M. Dr. 8vo. 1797.
12. Nymph of the Fountain. P. 1797.
13. The Genoese Pirate. Pant. 1798. N. P.
14. Harlequin's Return. P. 1798.
15. Joan of Arc. Hist. Bal. 1798.
16. Raft. M. Int. 8vo. 1798.
17. Magic Flute. Pant. 1800.
18. The Mine. G. S. 8vo. 1800.
19. Sir Francis Drake and Iron Arm. Spect. 8vo. 1800.
20. King Caesar. G. S. 8vo. 1801.
21. The Eclipse. Pant. 8vo. 1801.
22. The Fire King. B. 8vo. 1801.
23. Rinaldo Rinaldini. B. 8vo. 1801.
24. The Enchanted Harp. Pant. 1802. 8vo. N. D.
25. The Fatal Prediction. B. 8vo. 1802.
26. The Golden Farmer. Pant. 8vo. 1802.
27. Gonsalvo de Cordova. B. 8vo. 1802.
28. Jubilee of 1802. G. D. 8vo. 1802.
29. Corsican Pirate. Bal. 8vo. 1803.
30. John Bull and Buonaparte. B. S. 8vo. 1803.
31. Louisa of Lombardy. G .S. 8vo. 1803.
32. Number Nip. T. S. 8vo. 1803.
33. Our Native Land and Gallant Protectors. Dr. 8vo. 1803.
34. Rival Statues. Pant. 8vo. 1803.
35. Jew and Gentile. Burl.
36. Cybele. Pant. 8vo. 1804.
37. Pedler's Acre. Pant. 8vo. 1804.
38. Black Beard. B. P. 12mo. 1809.
39. The Cloud King. M. D. 12mo. 1809.
40. Cora. B. P. 12mo. 1809.
41. The False Friend. M. D. 12mo. 1809.
42. Halloween. S. 12mo. 1809.
43. Julia of Louvain. D. S. 12mo. 1809.
44. Round Tower. B. P. 12mo. 1809.

Mr. Cross died, we believe, early in the year 1810; leaving a widow, to whom Mr. Elliston has given a situation in the Surrey Theatre, but in what department we are not informed. Our authority for stating the fact is the following notice at the foot of a playbill, in 1810, for the widows benefit: "Mrs. C. would be wanting in gratitude did she not embrace this opportunity of returning Mr. Elliston her sincere thanks for the many favours she has received from him since the decease of her much-beloved and affectionate husband; and trusts her ardent endeavours to give satisfaction, in the situation he has been so kind as to place her in, will ensure a continuance of his esteem and patronage."