Henry Lok

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxonienses (1690-91; 1721) 1:289-90.

HENRY LOK, a divine Poet, was born of genteel Parents in the beginning of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, spent some time in Oxon between the Years of his age 16 and 21, but whether he took a Degree, or had one confer'd upon him by Creation, I cannot justly tell. Afterwards he retired to the Royal Court, was received into the Patronage of a noble Maecenas, and published

Ecclesiastes, otherwise called the Preacher, containing Solomon's Sermons or Commentaries (as it may be probably collected) upon the 49th Psalm of David his Father. This is a Poem, and is by Mr. Lok dedicated to Qu. Elizabeth; to whom he before had dedicated A passionate Present, as he calls it, but what that was you shall see anon. Jo. Lilye the Poet hath a Commendatory Poem on the Author and his Work, being then esteemed good, and since not.

Sundry Christian Passions, contained in two hundred Sonnets, divided into equal Parts: The first consisting chiefly of Meditations, Humiliations, and Prayers. The second of Comfort, Joy, and Thanksgiving. Lond. 1597. in qu. which is the second Edit. corrected and augmented. It is dedicated to Qu. Elizabeth, and is the Passionate Present before-mention'd.

Sundry Affectionate Sonnets of a feeling Conscience. Printed with the former Book; and at the end of these Sonnets are Sonnets to divers Persons of Quality, collected by the Printer. Our Author Lok hath also translated into Verse Sundry Psalms of David, as briefly and significantly as the scope of the Text will suffer, which were printed the same Year 1597; what other things he hath published, I know not, nor anything else of him.