George Peele

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxonienses (1690-91; 1721) 1:300.

GEORGE PEELE was, if I mistake not, a Devonian born, whence being sent to Broadgate's hall, was after some time made Student of Ch. Ch. 1573, or thereabouts, where going through the several forms of Logic and Philosophy, took the Degrees in Arts, that of Master being compleated in 1579. At which time, as he was esteemed a most noted Poet in the University, so afterwards in the Metropolis, where he knew also what belonged to the Stage part as well as any there. His Comedies and Tragedies were often acted with great applause, and did endure after their Author's death. Those that I have seen are only the following [list omitted]. This Person was living, in his middle-age, in the latter end of Q. Elizabeth, but when, or where he died I cannot tell; for so it is, and always hath been, that most Poets die poor, and consequently obscurely, and a hard matter it is to trace them to their Graves.