George Peele

Gerard Langbaine, in Account of the English Dramatick Poets (1691) 401-02.

An Author that liv'd in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, and was formerly Student, and Mr. of Arms of Christ Church Colledge in Oxford. He is the Author of two Plays, which are in print; viz.

David and Bethsabe their Love, with the Tragedy of Absalom, divers times play'd on the Stage; and printed 4to. 1599. This Play is founded on Holy Scripture: See Samuel, Kings, &c.

Edward the First, Sirnamed Edward Longshanks, with his Return from the Holy Land. Also the Life of Llewellin Rebel in Wales. Lastly the sinking of Queen Elinor, who sunk at Charing-Cross, rose again at Poetters Hithe, now named Queen-hithe; printed 4to. Lond. 1593. For the Story see the Authors that have writ of those times; as Walsingham, Fabian, Matthe. Westm. Pol. Virgil, Grafton, Hollingshed, Stow, Speed, Martyn, Baker, &c.

I am not ignorant, that another Tragedy, to wit, Alphonsus Emperor of Germany, is ascribed to him in former Catalogues, which has occasion'd Mr. Winstanley's mistake: but I assure the Reader, that that Play was writ by Chapman, for I have it by me with his Name affixt to it.

Mr. Philips mentions some Remnants of his Poetry extant in a Book call'd England's Hellicon, which I never saw.