Robert Greene

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxonienses (1690-91; 1721) 1:F 136-37.

He was at this time [1588] a Pastoral Sonnet-maker and Author of several things which were pleasing to Men and Women of his time. They made much sport, and were valued among Scholars, but since they have been mostly sold on Ballad-monger's Stalls. The Titles of some of them are these, (1) Euphues his Censure to Philantus, Lond. 1587 qu. (2) A quip for an upstart Courtier: or, a Dispute between Velvet Breeches and Cloth Breeches. Lond. 1592, 17. (3) His mourning Garment given him by Repentance at the Funerals of Love. One Edition of this Book was printed at Lond. 1616. 17. (4) His Groats worth of Wit bought with a Million of Repentance, &c. Lond. 1617. qu. second Edit. The first Edit. was printed after his Death, and hath at the end of it his Epitaph in six Stanzaes. (5) Theeves falling out, true Men come by their Goods, or the Bellman wanted a Clapper, several time printed in qu. (6) Philomela, the Lady Fitzwater's Nightingale, several times printed. (7) His nusquam fera est: or, a Treatise deciphering those particular Vanities that hinder youthful Gentlemen from attaining to their intended Perfections, several times printed. (8) The history of Frier Bacon and Friar Bungay. (9). Green's Ghost haunting Cony Catchers. One Ed. of which was printed at Lond. 1626. qu. Other trifles he hath extant, which he hath wrote to maintain his Wife, and that high and loose Course of living which Poets generally follow. He assisted also Tho. Lodge in the composure of several Plays, as I have told you in my Discourse of that Person among the Writers, under the Year 1625. He wrote against, or at least reflected upon, Gabriel Harvey in several of his Writings; whereupon Harvey being not able to bear his Abuses, did inhumanely trample upon him when he lay full low in his Grave, even as Achilles tortured the Body of Hector. This R. Green died about 1592, of a Surfeit, taken by eating pickled Herrings, and drinking with them Rhenish Wine. At which fatal Banquet Tho. Nash his Cotemporary in Cambridge was present, who in his Apology for Pierce Penniless doth make excellent sport with him and some of his Works. I have seen a witty Comedy called Green's Tu quoque, or the City Gallant, not pen'd by the said Green, but by one John Cook Gent. published by Tho. Heyward, An. 1622, and another entit. Planetomachia; or, The first part of the general opposition of the seven Planets, &c. Lond. 1585. qu. said in the Title to be written by R. Green, but whether the same R. Green the Poet, I cannot tell. Mr. Stow in his Survey of London, gives an account of one Rob. Green Gent. who died on Thursday, 12 Nov. and was buried 14 Nov. 1590. in St. Botolphs Aldersgate London.