Letitia Elizabeth Landon

Bernard Barton, "To L. E. L. on his or her Poetic Sketches in the Literary Gazette" The Literary Gazette (9 February 1822) 89.

*To me there's more of Minstrel stealth
In thy brief overflowings
Of fancy, — more of Thought's best wealth,—
And Feeling's sweetest glowings;—
Than I can find in many a tome,
O'er which, from page to page, I roam.

Such gentle music may pass by
The cold, or careless hearer;—
To me it's witching melody
Is, from it's softness, dearer:
Its gushing forth, its dying fall,
Surpass the notes of Nourmahal.

I know not who, or what thou art;
Nor do I seek to know thee,
While Thou, performing thus thy part,
Such banquets canst bestow me.
Then be, as long as thou shalt list,
My viewless, nameless, Melodist.

* We have pleasure in saying that the sweet poems under this signature are by a lady, yet in her teens! The admiration with which they have been so generally read, could not delight their fair author more than it has those who in the Literary Gazette cherished her infant genius. — Ed.