Sir Samuel Egerton Brydges

Nathan Drake, in Essays Illustrative of the Rambler (1809-10) 2:482-83.

THE RUMINATOR. For this highly interesting series of moral and sentimental essays, we are indebted to Samuel Egerton Brydges, Esq. the editor of Censura Literaria, in which miscellany, for February, 1807, the first number of the Ruminator appeared, and has since been continued monthly.

To the man of letters, to the liberal and generous-minded critic, to the genuine poet, and the enlightened antiquary, the Ruminations of our author will be truly acceptable. They breathe a lofty tone of feeling, a noble enthusiasm in behalf of literature and genius; and though, occasionally, too indignantly querulous, they impress the reader with a high, and, I am confident, a just, opinion of the talents and virtues of their author. Very sorry am I to perceive, that the next number of the Censura Literaria will put a final period to the labours of the Ruminator, who, with the best wishes of every disciple of the Muses, has reached his seventy-second paper. I must add, that I am acquainted with no essays which display a more exquisite taste, and excite a higher relish for the productions of genius, than many of the numbers of the Ruminator.