Rev. James Scott

William Mason to Horace Walpole, 18 September 1779; Walpole, Letters, ed. Cunningham (1906) 7:252.

I forgot whether I told you in my last that this ancient city is at present honoured with the company of Anti-Sejanus. By pushing the "jus divinum" of tithes a little too far with his parishioners at Simonburne, they have made the place a little too hot to hold him, and therefore he has flung himself into York, in imitation of the Royal Martyr. Who knows but there may be a time when his patron, or even his patron's patron, may follow his example? However, let them come as soon as they please, I can tell them they must expect no favour from Anti-Sejanus. He will arm every coffee-house in the City against them, for he already abuses them like fury. This, however, I have only from hearsay, for I have the prudence to keep out of his way, lest I also should be abused, because I was once a Courtier and a King's chaplain.