Rev. John Mitford

Bernard Barton to Letitia Elizabeth Landon, 15 April 1823; Literary Correspondence, ed. James E. Barcus (1966) 64.

Next to being able to write good Poetry, to a genuine lover of art, it must be gratifying to be its subject — and I have felt both gratified and encouraged by the tribute referr'd to. Unfortunately I have it locked up very safely in my desk, and cannot find the talisman which should unlock it, so I cannot vindicate my praises by copying it — Its Author is a Gentleman of the name of Mitford, the same address'd in my volume on his departure for Rome; he resides in one of the most elegant Vicarages I ever saw, has the most valuable library to which I ever had access, and is, I believe, a relation of Lord Redesdale's — He edited Gray's works, some years ago, and once published a little Poem entitled Agnes or the Indian Captive, with some minor pieces attached to it.