Card. John Henry Newman

Mary Russell Mitford to Miss Jephson, 16 August 1841; L'Estrange, Life of Mary Russell Mitford (1870) 2:231.

Mr. Newman is, besides his power as a preacher, a man of extensive acquirement and much elegant accomplishment. My friends the Carys (son and daughter-in-law of the translator of Dante) are very intimate with Mr. Newman and very fond of him. His power in Oxford is extraordinary. You can't go into any of the halls on a fast-day of the Church without seeing four or five young men dining upon bread and water. It is a perfect resuscitation of Archbishop Laud — for they cling to their own peculiar notions, which are a sort of English Papistry, and yet abjure the real old Popish doctrine with great zeal. That Mr. Newman is a man of remarkable power and perfect sincerity, I have no doubt. I have some of the Oxford Tracts, and shall borrow his sermons the first time I see Mrs. Cary.