Percy Bysshe Shelley

Thomas Lovell Beddoes, "Lines, written by the Author of The Bride's Tragedy, in the blank Leaf of the Prometheus Unbound" 1822; Athenaeum (18 May 1833) 313.

Write it in gold — a Spirit of the sun,
An Intellect ablaze with heavenly thoughts,
A Soul with all the dews of pathos shining,
Odorous with love, and sweet to silent woe
With the dark glories of concentrate song,
Was sphered in mortal earth. Angelic sounds,
Alive with panting thoughts, sunned the dim world:
The bright creations of a human heart
Wrought magic in the bosoms of mankind:
A flooding summer burst on Poetry,
Of which the crowning sun, the night of beauty,
The dancing showers, the birds, whose anthems wild,
Note after note, unbind the enchanted leaves
Of breaking buds, eve, and the flow of dawn,
Were centred and condensed in his one name
As in a providence — and that was SHELLEY.
Oxford, 1822.