John Paul Jones

Elizabeth Carter to Elizabeth Montagu, 18 October 1779; Letters to Mrs. Montagu, ed. Montagu Pennington (1817) 3:114.

Did not your blood run cold, and your heart ache at the reading of the terrible and affecting accounts of the Serapis and Quebec? One of our neighbours has lost his eldest son, who was a marine officer in the Serapis, and a very promising young man. Alas! how many other parents are in the same unhappy situation! Are not you impatient for the hanging of Paul Jones? This villain, before he figured as a pirate, and a traitor to his country, was guilty of two murders. He escaped punishment for the one, by the sailing of a ship, which carried away the evidence that would have condemned him; and the other by breaking jail. His father, poor man, is, or was, gardener to Lord Galloway, and, I hear, bears a most excellent character; if so, how very much he is to be pitied.