William Maginn

Anonymous, "Answer to O'Doherty's Farewell to Scotland" Morning Chronicle (3 February 1825).

Go, get thee gone, thou dastardly loon,
Go, get thee to thine own countrie;
If ever you cross the Border again,
The muckle diel accompany thee.
There's mony a tree in fair Scotland,
And there's ane, the gallows-tree,
On which we hang the Irish rogues,
A fitting place it is for thee.

Go, get thee gone, thou dastardly loon,
Too good for thee is brose and kale:—
We've lads and ladies gay in the land,
Bonny lasses, and nut-brown ale.
When thou goest to merry Carlisle,
Welcome take thy loud laughters three;
But know that the most of our beggarly clan
Came from the Holy Land, like thee.

Go, get thee gone, thou beggarly loon,
On thee our maidens refused to smile:—
Our pipers they scorn'd to beg from thee,
A half-starved knight of the Emerald Isle.
Go rather and herd thy father's pigs,
And feed on 'tatoes and butter-milk;
But return not to the princely North,
Land of the tartan, the bonnet, and kilt.
Blackwood's Magazine.