Rev. Nathaniel Ingelo

Henry More to Lady Conway, 14 September 1661; Conway Letters, ed. Nicholson (1930) 192-93.

I have no designe of studye for the present considerable, but I have lately perused all my own Philosophicall writings which the more seriously I have consyder'd by so much the more assur'd I am of the truth of those main conclusions thy hold out to the world. And those that will be ignorant, if they find so great felicity in it, lett them be so. I have not yett heard your opinion of Bentivolio and Urania. I can not but congratulate your Ladyship that pleasure you presage in the enjoying the privacy of your closet, but lett me take the boldnesse to desire you not to indulge more to that pleasure then is consistent with the due management of what soever remainder of your health God has pleased to afford you, but be as chearfull in company as you can.