Rev. Nathaniel Ingelo

Anthony Wood, in Athenae Oxonienses (1690-91; 1721) ed. Bliss (1815) 5:ii 306.

In 1658 his [Benjamin Rogers] great favourer and encourager of his profession Dr. Nathaniel Ingelo fellow of Eaton, conducted him to Cambridge, got the degree of batch. of music to be confer'd on him, as a member of Qu. coll. (that doctor having been sometime fellow thereof, and at that time a proceeder in divinity) and giving great content by his song of several parts, (which was his exercise) performed in the commencement that year by several voices, he gained the reputation there of a most admirable musician, and had the greater part of his fees and entertainment defray'd by that noble and generous doctor. When the same Dr. Nath. Ingelo went chaplain to Bulstrode lord Whitlock into Sweden, he carried with him some of the best compositions of B. Rogers, which were played several times before queen Christina with great liking. After his majesty's restoration, the lord mayor, aldermen and chief citizens of London, being unanimously disposed to entertain the king, the two dukes, and both houses of parliament with a sumptuous feast, it was ordered among them that there should be added to it the best music they could obtain: and B. Rogers being then esteemed the prime composer of the nation, he was desired of them to compose a song of several parts to be performed while the king and company were at dinner. Whereupon, in order to it, Dr. Ingelo made Hymnus Eucharisticus; in the beginning of the prelude to which is, "Exultate, Justi, in Domino," &c. This also he translated into English, and both were printed in single papers.