Edmund Bolton

Sir John Beaumont, "A Letter to the Author, from the learned young Gentleman, I. B. of Grace-dieu in the County of Leicestershire Esquire" Bolton, The Elements of Amories (1610) sig. A.

Syr, I have here with many thanks returned to you, your profound discourse of the ELEMENTS of ARMORIES, which I have read over with great profit, and delight: for, I confesse, that till now I never saw any thing in this kind worthy the entertainment of a studious mind, wherin you have most commendably shewed your skill, finding out rare, and unknowne beauties in an Arte, whose highest perfection, the meanest wits, if they could blazon, and repeat Pedigrees, durst heretofore (but shall not now) challenge. Our sight (which of all sense wee hold the dearest) you have made more precious unto us, by teaching us the excellent proportions of our visible objects. In performance wherof as you have followed none, so have you left it at a rash, and desperate adventure for any to follow you: For he, that only considers your choice copie of matter without forcing, will find it an hard task to equall your Invention, not to speake of your judiciall Method, wherin you have made your Workmanship excell your Subject, though it bee most worthy of all ingenuous industry. Beleeve me SYR in a word, I cannot but highly admire your attempt so wel performed, and among many others will be an earnest furtherer of that benefit, which this dull age of ours (in this our country, carelesse of al but gainful Arts) claimeth at your hands. In which hope I rest.

Your most loving friend,


29 Novemb. 1609.