John Bodenham

W. Rankins, Gent., "A Sonnet to the Muses Garden" Bel-vedere (1600) sig. A8.

Faire planted Eden of collected sweets,
Cropt from the bosome of the fertile ground,
Where Science with her honey-current greets
The sacred Sisters: where her liberall sound
Makes Angels ecchoes, and to heavens rebound
The repetition of sententious spirits;
(Oh deare belov'd in vertues painfull merits.)

Fruit-furnisht Tempe, all the worlds abstract,
For flowres of vertue, hearbs of rare effect,
From whence, as well soules Physicke is extract,
As bodies government; hold in respect
What Science gives (though Ignorance reject)
For every maime and sicknesse of the mind,
A wounded life a precious balme may find.

Shee sends you not to search the hidden mynes
For gorgeous jewels, nor to forraine lands,
But in one casket all her wealth combines,
And gives it freely with heart-open hands.
Shee limits not her bountie within bands:
Looke first, then like, survey, take one or all;
Choose with the mind, the eye is fancies ball.