Barnabe Barnes

Thomas Michelborne, "To my singular good friend Barnabe" Barnes, Foure Bookes of Offices (1606) sig. aiv.

Grave Architecture of a Commonweale,
Well travail'd in the mysteries of state,
Vouchsafe me roome, among the rest some deale,
Thy loftie frame to view, and wonder at:
And where the workemanship doth please mine eye,
To say, 'twas wrought with painefull industrie.

That's every where, for all doth merit praise,
The forme, the firme foundation, and the frame.
The forme Quadrangular, most meete to raise,
A Pallace sacred to eternall fame,
Founded on wisedome, builded upon high,
With goodly lawes, and Christian policie.

Up held with foure strong Piles, whose bases ar,
Sage Counsell, awfull Justice, armed Might,
Aboundant Treasure, sinewes of the war
These make it strong to last, and faire to sight.
Where foure such pillers doe the bulke sustaine,
What feare we thunders, tempests, winds, or raine.

Heere maist thou fix with bold Alcmena's sonne,
NIL ULTRA, as the farthest continent,
That wisest statist ever yet did runne,
Within this world of civill government.
And as the worke, so doth the style excell,
That of Boterus, Bodin, Machiavell.