Barnabe Barnes

John Ford, in commendation of his very good Friend the Author" Barnes, Foure Bookes of Offices (1606) sig. aiiv.

Not to adorne, but to commend this Frame,
Drawne by the curious hand of judgements art;
Not to commend, for this commends the fame;
But solace to thy labours to impart:
A worke of thankes, out living terme of fate,
In briefe prescriptions of a formall State.

Great were thy paines, but greater is thy fame,
Lock't in the Jewel-house of precious treasure;
Which doth by Counsailes wisedom reare thy name,
In equal Justice of well-ballac'd measure;
Thou teachest souldiers discipline of fight,
And they againe defend thy merits right.

Write on rare Myrrour of these abject dayes;
Thy good example others will advise:
Thy subject values love, thy Studies praise,
A president to youth, life to the wise:
So ever shall (while times and Empires last)
Thy workes by thee, thou by thy works be grac't.