Sir Walter Raleigh

Richard Carew, "To the Honourable, Sir Walter Raleigh Knight" Carew, Survey of Cornwall (1602) sig. 3-3v.

This mine ill-husbanded Survey, long since begun, a great while discontinued, lately revived, and now hastily finished, appealeth to your L. direction, whether it should passe; to your correction, if it doe passe; and to your protection, when it is passed. Neither unduely: for the same intreateth of the Province, and persons, over whose bodies, and estates, you carrie a large, both Martiall, and civill command, by your authoritie, but in whose hearts, and loves, you possesse a farre greater interest, by your kindnesse. Your eares, and mouth, have ever beene open, to heare, and deliver our grievances, and your feete, and hands, readie to goe, and worke their redresse, and that, not onely, alwayes, as a Magistrate, of your selfe, but also verie often, as a suiter, and sollicter to others, of the highest place. Wherefore, I, as one of the common beholden, present this token of my private gratitude. It is dutie, and not presumption, that hath drawne me to the offering; and it must be favour, and not desert, that shall move your Lordship to the acceptance: and so I take humble leave, resting no lesse willing to serve you, then under.

Your Lordships poore kinsman,

Richard Carew of Antonie.