Edward Howard

Anonymous, "To the Author" Howard, Spencer Redivivus (1687) sig. A8.

Well to improve dead Author, and refine
His proper worth, resembleth power divine.
Or as Faith does of Resurrection tell,
When Souls by future Glory shall excel.
Thus does your Pen in this your Work provide,
That Spencer's Fame shall still renew'd abide,
So clear by you his deep Invention's told,
That in your words him perfect I behold.
His Stanza's, Language, old as Saxon Rhyme,
From you receive fit Epithites and Chime.
What could your pregnant Genius higher raise,
Than with smooth Verse to polish ancient Bayes?
Of English, he had the most the Epicke Vein,
And first does by your Lines advantage gain.
I'le not trust Painters, who no Pencil say
Can warmly liken Life the copy'd way.
Since I affirm, that Spencer figur'd here
Does in his lively Pattern best appear.
And who reads that with a discerning mind,
Must wish that more of him such Change may find:
Or be your happy Emulator seen
In copying, where you leave, the Fairy Queen.