John Davies of Hereford

Nicholas Deeble, "To the Booke as it is dedicated unto his most excellent Majestie" Davies, Microcosmos (1603) sig. B3v-B4.

Thrise happy Issue, brain-begotten Birth,
Wits pure Extraction, life of Poesie,
Togither borne with Englands endlesse mirth;
How have the Heavens grace't thy nativity!

Wast from disdain to powre th' ambrosian dew
(Dropping like Nectar from a sacred quill)
Into the common Lavour, vulgar view;
That Heaven deferd thy birth these howres untill?

O blessed Booke, reserv'd to kisse the hand,
From which, desert nere parted discontent!
Go, pay thy vowes; await his dread command
To whom in prostrate duety thou art sent.

Shall He say, live? flie Time; swell Lethe lake;
Burst fell Detraction; thou liv'st: and when
A thousand Ages dust shall over-rake,
Thy living Lines shall please both God, and men:

For, grac't by him, whom swift intelligence
Hath made Arch-Master of each excellence,
It needes must follow, that succeeding daies
Cannot detract from what he dain'd to praise.