Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe

Robert Pearse Gillies to Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe, 27 December 1818; Letters from and to Charles Kirkpatrick Sharp (1888) 2:191-92.

27th Dec. 1818.

MY DEAR SHARPE, — I return two of your books with many thanks. I have also to return my kindest acknowledgments for the "Memorialls of Witches." I am amazed that you could make such an admirable display in so narrow a field as that of the purely Scottish demonology.

Allow me to add that I have wished frequently to beg the honour of your company here of late; but I could not, because I had reason to suspect my invitation would. only be troublesome.

If your obvious estrangement proceeds from contempt for or weariness of us, I have nothing to say; and in truth I believe this must be the case, because I can't, for my life, conjecture any other reason.

There are few correspondents indeed to whom I would have thought it requisite to make any remark of this kind. But something, I think, was due to the memory of our old acquaintance, and the devil himself can't accuse me of any sinister interested motive; though I have sometimes supposed it possible the devil might have been employed to raise up some cause of misunderstanding betwixt us. — Yours ever, and with best and kindest compliments of the season to you and Mrs. Sharpe, and all your house,

R. P. G.

Excuse this blotted scrawl, which I have tried in vain to copy.