Sir Walter Scott

Thingamy Bob, "Ivanhoe" The Kaleidoscope [Liverpool] NS 6 (4 October 1825) 108.

Two friends t' other day had been chatting together
On various topics; the wind and the weather
No doubt making part of their converse,
When all of a sudden — (now pray keep awake,
There's a verse or two more, though, indeed, for your sake,
I had hoped to have finished in one verse,)—

When all of a sudden their chit-chat made way
For a subject more learned — more learned than they
Had, perhaps, any right to engage in:
This point, though, I'll leave to my readers to settle—
But towards the conclusion I thought they would get ill,
So fierce grew the war they were waging.

Be that as it may, though 'twas thus they begun,
"I've been reading Scott's Ivanhoe, neighbour," says one,
"But think you," says he, "that it's his?"
"Well, indeed," says the other, "I do not pretend
To be able to tell you for certain, my friend,
But I'VE-AN-O-pinion it is."