George Whetstone

Nicholas Bowyer, "In commendation of this Booke" Whetstone, The Rocke of Regard (1576) ¶ii-¶iiv.

To praise the thing, that no man can dispraise,
Though it seeme vaine, yet trueth doth guard the checke,
Least pyning spite, the best with hate to praise,
That skillesse scoffes, do betake well meaninges necke,
For Art attaynde in science skilfull schoole,
Stands free from foe, except it bee a foole.

And for this worke which Whetstons witt hath wrought,
Though rash report of findfault foes deface it,
Yet will the wise commend it as it ought,
The proofe is praise, when grudgers so disgrace it,
And in the ende that worke getts prick and prise,
Which frettes the foole, and doth content the wise.

That this is such good Reader see and say,
Wee judge thy selfe, I cannot tell thee all,
To speake to short, defame the same I may,
And better rest, then rise to catch a fall,
Yet this I say, who so most faults shal finde,
In trying like will come an ace behinde.