Dr. Thomas Lodge

John Jones, "In Praise of the Author" in Lodge, An Alarum against Usurers (1584) sig. A4-A4v.

Though not my praise, yet let my wish prevaile,
Who so thou be that list to read this booke,
I never yet by flatterie did assaile,
To count that good that most did please my looke.
But alwaies wisht my friends such stile to use,
As wise might like, though foolish would refuse.

In opening vice my friend who spends his time,
May count by private good no profit lost,
What errors scape in young and lustie prime,
Experience (badge of truth) may quickly cost.
Who sets the marke, that makes men shunne the sand,
Deserves good words, his proofes for profit stand.

For common good to crosse a few mens vaines,
Who like to Midas would that all were golde,
I count not misse, since there unlawfull gaines
Makes some men sink, whom birth might well uphold.
I know the sore, the scarre is seene to plaine,
A blessed state where no such wils doo raine.

In briefe, I praise this booke for pretie stile,
For pithie matter, Gentle be thou judge,
O would my wish some fancies might beguile,
Then faire revenewes should not sit a snudge.
A world to see how Asses daunce in golde,
By wanton wils, when Gentles starve for colde.

Whose errors if it please succeeding age,
To see with sighs, and shun with sad advice,
Let him beholde this booke, within whose page,
Experience leaves her chiefest proofes of price.
And thanke the youth that suffered all these toiles,
To warne thee shun that rocke which many spoiles.