Ben Jonson

George Chapman, "To his deare Friend, Mr. Benjamin Jonson his Volpone" Jonson, Volpone (1607) sig. A3.

Come, yet more forth, VOLPONE, and thy chase
Performe to al length, for thy breath wil serve thee,
The Usurer shal, never, weare thy case:
Men do not hunt to kill, but to preserve thee.
Before the best houndes, thou dost, still, but play;
And, for our whelpes, alasse, they yelp in vaine:
Thou hast no earth; thou hunt'st the Milke-white way,
And, through th' Elisian feilds, dost make thy traine.
And as the Symbole of lifes Guard, the HARE,
That, sleeping, wakes; and, for her feare, was saf't:
So, thou shalt be advaunc'd, and made a Starre,
Pole to all witts, beleev'd in, for thy craft.
In which the Scenes both Marke, and Mystery
Is hit, and sounded, to please best, and worst;
To all which, since thou mak'st so sweete a cry,
Take all thy best fare, and be nothing curst.