Philip Massinger

Thomas May, "To his deserving Friend Mr. Philip Massinger, upon his Tragaedie, the Roman Actor" Massinger, The Roman Actor (1629) sig. A3v.

Paris, the best of Actors in his age
Acts yet, and speakes upon our Roman Stage
Such lines by thee, as doe not derogate
From Romes proud heights, and Her then learned State.
Nor great Domitians favour; nor th' embraces
Of a faire Empresse, nor those often graces
Which from th' applauding Theaters were pay'd
To His brave Action, nor His ashes layd
In the Flaminian way, where people strow'd
His Grave with flowers, and Martialls wit bestow'd
A lasting Epitaph, not all these same
Doe adde so much renowne to Paris name,
As this that thou present'st his Historie
So well to us. For which in thankes would Hee
(If that His soule, as thought Pithagoras
Could into any of our Actors passe)
Life to these Lines by action gladly give
Whose Pen so well has made His storie live.