Philip Massinger

James Shirley, "To my honourd Friend, Master Philip Massinger, upon his Renegado" Massinger, The Renegado (1630) sig. A4.

Dabblers in Poetry that onely can,
Court this weake Lady, or that Gentleman,
with some loose witt in rime;
others that fright the time,
Into beliefe with mighty words, that teare
a Passage through the eare;
or Nicer men,
That through a Perspective wil see a Play,
and use it the wrong way,
(not worth thy Pen)
Though all their Pride exalt 'em, cannot bee
Competent Judges of thy Lines or thee.

I must confesse I have no Publike name
To rescue judgement, no Poeticke flame
to dresse thy Muse with Praise,
and Phoebus his owne Bayes;
Yet I commend this Poem, and dare tell
The World I lik'd it well,
and if there bee
A tribe, who in their Wisedomes dare accuse,
this offspring of thy Muse,
let them agree,
Conspire one Comedy, and they will say
Tis easier to Commend, then make a Play.