Rev. William Covell

John Weever, "To the lively Image of all moral Vertues, and true Perfection of all heaven-borne Artes, William Covell, Bachelor of Divinitie" Weever, Mirror of Martyrs (1601) sig. A2.

This Poem (Right Wor:) which I present to your learned view some two yeares agoe was made fit for the Print; that so long keeping the corner of my studie, wherein I use to put waste paper: This first trew Oldcastle; thought himselfe injurde, because he might not bee suffered to sustaine the second Martyredome of the Presse: In somuch that I was contented he should stand bare-headed to these churlish times, and endure the censure of his utmost enemies, onely to make his Death more glorious. Howsoever, now he passeth under your protection; and though my pensill be too weake, either for his or your picture; accept of the same, because it comes from zeale.

The admirer of your vertues, Jo: Weeuer.