John Dryden

William Oldys, Adversaria, 1750 ca.; Notes and Queries S2 11 (2 March 1861) 162.

DRYDEN. — Remember my large bundle of Pamphlets, all written by, for, or against Mr. Dryden, in fol., 4to., and 8vo. And my Chronological Draught or Skeleton of his Personal Story, to be enlarged into a Life of him, when that shall be published, which is to be written by Mr. Broughton for the Biographia Britannica.

To search the old papers in one of my large deal boxes for Mr. Dryden's letter of thanks to my father, for some communication relating to Plutarch, when they and others were publishing a translation of all Plutarch's Lives in 5 vols. 8vo. 1683.

Mr. Dryden's Poem to King William, of which I have two copies in MS., with a Discourse prefixed, containing an Apology for his past Life and Writings, dedicated to the Lord Dorset, appears not likely to be of his writing, but rather an imposition on the world in his name, to expose the inconstancy of his principles.

The story of Mr. Dryden's dream at Lord Exeter's at Burleigh, while he was translating Virgil, as Signor Verrio, then painting there, related it to the Yorkshire painter, of whom I had it, lies in the parchment-book in quarto, designed for his Life.... Now entered therein.