Elizabeth Cooper

William Oldys, Diary entries, 1737; Notes and Queries S2 11 (2 February 1861) 101, 103.

1737, June 22. Mrs. Cooper came to my chambers; said she would return me Puttenham's Art of Poesy, Browne's Pastorals, and Sir Henry Wotton, when she had finished her extracts for the second volume of her Muses' Library to be published by Christmas....

Aug. 13. Received letter from Mrs. Cooper to borrow old Marlow's poem of Hero and Leander for the continuation of her Muses Library; sent by the servant a very scarce colection of old poetry, called The Paradise of Dainty Devices, in which are several pieces written by the old Lord Vaux in King Henry the Eight's time, the Earl of Oxford, Sir W. Raleigh, Mr. Edwards, Jasper Heywood, Hunnis, Churchyard, Kinwelmersh, Lloyd, Whetstone, &c. printed 4to. 1578. To borrow one of Caxton's books of Sir Hans Sloane, and remember to apply the story of Absyrtus in the preface for Mr. Hayward's Collection of select thoughts from our old poets.