Thomas Hayward

William Oldys, Diary entries, 1737-38; Notes and Queries S2 11 (16 February 1861) 123, 124.

Oct. 5. Received the last sheet of the first volume of Mr. Hayward's British Muse; with him heard at his house the account of Austin, the ink powder man, noted for his fireworks; also the great pudding he made for his customers; but more especially the pudding which about twelve or thirteen years since he baked ten feet deep in the Thames near Rotherhithe for a wager, by enclosing it in a great tin pan, and that in a great sack of lime; and after in about two hours and a half it was taken up, and eaten with much liking, being only a little overbaked. There was above 100 won upon this experiment....

March 5. Received the bookseller's title (in a proof) of Mr. Hayward's British Muse, which I noways like; and the abridgment they have procured of my Preface to it by a hasty hand, ignorant of the subject, and who has ungratefully left out the acknowledgments which the author expressly desired I would make of those communications which have much enriched his said collection from our own poets.