George Whetstone

Geoffrey Whitney, "Uppon the Translacion of this present Booke" Whetstone, The Honourable Reputation of a Souldier (1586) 7-8.

That worke which first did WHETSTONE take in hande,
Where, famous actes in Englishe he dothe tutche:
WALRAVEN, lo, for love to native lande,
To those, that please, presents the same in dutche:
And bothe the workes, in one, wee maye decerne:
That either lande, eche others tonge may learne.

Where, all that will, maye see for their delighte,
What great renowme, was erst, by vertues wroughte:
And what, alone, did Greekes, and Latines write,
These labours here, into our tonges have broughte:
Yea, what fewe knewe, and neare, throughe agew, as dead,
Is nowe of all, in Dutche and Englishe redd.

A woorthie worke, for Martiall men to see:
Which shewes, what praise of prowes great dothe springe:
And, to that ende, heere, rare examples bee,
Of Romanes boulde, whose fame now freshe dothe ringe,
And are reviv'd, for everie man to knowe:
Though they weare turn'd to poulder, longe agoe.

Then when you reape the fruites of this their stile
Good Readers all, give them their praises due:
To WHETSTONE first, who did the worke compile,
WALRAVEN, next, that turn'd the same for you,
Whose paines (I knowe) was joyn'd with care of minde:
Eche phrase to fitte, and worde for worde to finde.

That, wee might learne to understande the dutche,
And you likewise the Englishe might perceive,
Lo, his intent, which sure deserveth mutche,
Then give him praise, or else his right your reave
So shall you, bothe his paines, in parte, requite:
And stirre him up, some greater worke to write.
FFare well.