John Taylor the Water Poet

Samuel Rowlands, "To my loving Friend John Taylor" Taylor, The Sculler, rowing from Tiber to Thames (1612) sig. A4.

Ferris gave cause of vulgar wonderment,
When unto Bristow in a Boate he went:
Another with his Sculler ventered more,
That Row'd to Flushing from our English shoare.
Another did devise a woodden Whale,
Which unto Callice, did from Dover saile,
Another, with his Oares and slender Wherry,
From London unto Antwerpe o'er did ferry.
Another, maugre fickle fortune's teeth,
Rowed hence to Scotland, and ariv'd at Leeth.
But thou hast made all these but triviall things,
That from the Tower thy watry Sculler brings
To Hellicon: most sacred in account,
And so arrived at Pernassus Mount:
And backe returnd laden with Poets wit,
With all the muses hands to witnesse it:
Who on their Sculler doth this praise bestowe,
Not such another on the Thames doth rowe.
Thy loving friend SAMUEL ROWLANDS.