Sir Thomas Overbury

Robert Baron, "To the emulated Piece of Perfection the Lady Diana Willoby, with Sir Tho. Overbury's Wife" Baron, Pocula Catalia (1650) 111.

Here comes a Wife to kisse your hand
By whom both Death and Life her Parent got.
Yet she's not the worse to be entertain'd
Since th' first was her ill fate, the last her Plot.
Her chief fault (whereof all have some) that I
Find, is that hitherto she'th mist your eye.

Your eye! ah! too too dark a word! our Sun
To which all Poets their braines-births should bring
There to be tri'd (as Eagles oft have done
Their young ones to the Planets glorious King;)
And banish those, as spurious from their Nest
That could not bide your most judicious Test.

View her then (Madam) or rather your self view;
For she's your shaddow, you her substance are.
What her Lord wish't in her, yours find in you,
As you th' originall, she the coppy were.
Use her thereafter, if she welcom misse
You are harsh even to your selfe, for you she is.
And I your