Francis Quarles

Anonymous, "On Mr. Francis Quarles" Recreation for Ingenious Head-peeces (1663) sig. O6.

To them that understand themselves so well,
As what, not who lyes here, to ask, I'l tell,
What I conceive, envy dare not deny,
Far both from falshood, and from flattery.
Here drawn to land by death, doth lye
A Vessell fitter for the sky,
Then Jasons Argo, though to Greece,
They say, it brought the Golden Fleece.
The skilfull Pilot steer'd it so,
Hither and thither, to and fro,
Through all the Seas of Poetry,
Whether they far or near doe lye,
And fraught it so with all the wealth,
Of wit and learning not by stealth,
Or Piracy, but purchase got,
That this whole lower world could not
Richer Commodities, or more
Afford to adde unto his store.
To heaven then with an intent
Of new discoveries, he went,
And left his Vessell here to rest
Till his return shall make it blest.
The bill of Lading he that looks
To know, may find it in his Books.