Mrs. Cornwell Baron Wilson

Oscar of Lego, "To Miss Harries, on reading her Astarte and other Poems" Morning Post (12 October 1818).

While soft Sensibility o'er the world slumbers
Dear Maid, I acknowledge thy wakening strains,
And my breast swells response to the magical numbers,
That tells us, soft Virtues have not left our plains.

Oh! I've seen here the Virtues and Graces combining,
With each mental beauty a wreath to entwine;
While little Loves laughing, some plans were designing,
To sacrifice hearts at their exquisite shrine.

And I felt, as through lab'rinths of feeling I wander'd,
Mine own grew refin'd by thy touches of soul;
And joyful I grew still the more that I ponder'd,
Nor once did I wish to arrive at their goal.

For here are no beauties that fade in a minute,
But such as LONGINUS had nam'd the sublime;
The beauties that play for the memory, and win it,
And hold that their right through the changes of time.
Suffolk-street, Wednesday.