Edward Howard

Dr. S., "On the Same [Howard's British Princes]" 1670 ca.; Examen Poeticum: being the Third Part of Miscellany Poems (1693) 162-63.

Your Book our old Knight Errants Fame revives,
Writ in a Stile agreeing with their Lives.
All Rumours strength their Prowess did outgo,
All Rumours Skill your Verses far outdo:
To praise the Welsh the World must now combine,
Since to their Leeks you do your Lawrel joyn:
Such lofty strains your Country's Story fit,
Whose Mountains nothing equals, but your Wit.

Bonduca, were she such, as here we see
(In Brittish Paint) none cou'd more dreadful be:
With naked Armies she encounter'd Rome,
Whose Strength with naked Nature you o'ercome.
Nor let small Criticks blame this mighty Queen,
That in King Arthur's time she here is seen:
You that can make immortal by your Song,
May well one Life four hundred Years prolong.
Thus Virgil bravely dar'd for Dido's Love,
The settled course of Time and Years to move.
Though him you imitate in this alone,
In all things else you borrow help from none;
No Antick Tale of Greece or Rome you take,
Their Fables and Examples you forsake.
With true Heroick Glory you display
A Subject new, writ in the newest way.

Go forth, great Author, for the World's delight;
Teach it, what none e're taught you, how to write:
They talk strange things that Ancient Poets did;
How Trees, and Stones they into Buildings lead:
For Poems to raise Cities, now, 'tis hard,
But yours, at least, will build half Paul's Church-yard.