Edmund Waller

Anonymous, "Written in a Lady's Waller" Examen Poeticum: being the Third Part of Miscellany Poems (1693) 375-76.

The Lovely Owner of this Book
Does here on her own Image look:
Each happy Page, each finish'd Line
Does with Her matchless Graces shine;
And is, with Common Verse compar'd,
What She is among Beauty's Herd.
The Poet boasts a Lofty thought,
In Softest Numbers Smoothly wrought;
Has all that pleases the Severe,
And all that charms a List'ning Ear.
And such the Nymph is — blest with all
That we can Sweet, or Noble call:
For never sure was any Mind,
Of all that from Heav'ns Treasury came,
Of better Make, and more Refin'd,
Or lodg'd within a Fairer Frame.
Such Angels seem, when pleas'd to wear
Some lovely Dress of colour'd Air!
Oh! had she liv'd, before the old
Bard had so many Winters told;
Then, when his Youthful Veins ran high,
Enflam'd with Love, and Poetry;
He only to This shining Maid
The Tribute of his Verse had paid:
No meaner Face, no lesser Name
Had fix'd his Eyes, or fed his Flame;
Her Beauties had employ'd his Tongue,
And Sacharissa dy'd unsung.