Oliver Goldsmith

Thomas Stott, "Lines on reading the Resolutions of the Gentlemen who lately met at Ballymahon, for the Purpose of promoting a Subscription to erect a Monument to the Memory of Dr. Goldsmith, on the Spot where he was born" Morning Post (16 January 1821).

Sweet Bard of AUBURN! whose delightful strain,
Pourtrayed the pastimes of the simple swain,
And sketched the rural landscape with such art,
Nature the likeness owned in every part;
Too long thy careless country has delayed,
To pay a debt — she long since should have paid—
A debt of gratitude and honour too,
To thy exalted merit justly due.

At length, the veil that dimm'd her view withdrawn,
On her neglect the light begins to dawn:
The sense of shame that from conviction springs,
And with remorse the conscious bosom stings,
Prompts and impels her to repair the past,
And do thy memory justice now at last.

Forgive, distinguished shade, our boast and pride!
Forgive the negligence that thus denied
ERIN'S best Bard the tribute due his fame,
Confessed by all with sorrow and with shame!—
Of her enlightened Sons a noble Band,
True friends of Genius and their native Land,
Has now resolved, if possible, to clear
From the reproach her suffering character.
O may the purpose this choice band intends,
Make for their Predecessors' fault amends!
May Fortune on their public efforts smile,
To vindicate the taste and honour of our Isle!
Jan. 6. 1821.