John Dryden

George Jeffreys, "Verses occasioned by the Solemnity of Mr. Dryden's Funeral" 1700; Jeffreys, Miscellanies (1754) 7.

See with what State proceeds this fun'ral Sight!
This farewel Blaze of Albion's fairest Light!
Now they relent, and pompously deplore
Him who in Death regards these Rites no more,
Than did themselves his needy Muse before.
Hail! universal Lord of truest Wit,
For ev'ry Theme, and ev'ry Language fit;
Source of fine Sense in rich Expression dress'd,
With Height of proper Thought, and heav'nly Numbers bless'd:
Whose able Genius thro' each happy Line
Does with full Strength and nameless Beauties shine;
While still with fresh Delight we read thee o'er,
A thousand Charms describe, and taste a thousand more.
Nor could ill Times subdue thy dauntless Rage,
Thy Merit Envy, nor thy Vigour Age:
Thy matchless Youth outvy'd proud Greece and Rome;
Thy Ages has brought their noblest Prizes home;
Regal'd us with a Taste of Homer's Flame,
And made great Virgil ours, as thine his Fame.
Hail! and forgive these Praises uninspir'd
By the learn'd Nine, with thee their darling Son retir'd.