Amelia Opie

John Taylor Esq., in Records of my Life (1832) 1:303-04.

Mr. Opie's second wife has rendered herself so conspicuous in society by her literary talents and accomplishments in private life, that no eulogium on my part can add to the general estimation in which her character is held. I knew her a little before her marriage, and saw in the lively girl a promise of those talents which have been since so much and so deservedly admired. She evinced her regard for the memory of her husband by giving his remains an honourable and splendid funeral, which I was invited to attend, among some of the most distinguished literary characters and eminent artists of the time, and the boy was deposited in the vaults of St. Paul's Cathedral. She also employed the elder Mr. Smirke to design an appropriate memorial, from which an excellent print was engraved, and distributed among the numerous friends and connexions who had been invited to the mournful ceremony of interment.