John Taylor Esq.

Hugh Campbell, "Lines to the Friends of Genius, Worth, and Industry on reading ... that John Taylor ... was driven by undeserved misfortunes to publish his Works by Subscription" Morning Post (25 October 1826).

TAYLOR — the Muse could weep while she conceals
The pain'd sensations she too truly feels!
TAYLOR — the friend of genius in distress!
TAYLOR — the foe of want, and wretchedness!
Who fled indignant from his liberal hand,
Whene'er his open purse could flight command.
TAYLOR — the infant author's generous friend,
Who censured slight but largely could commend.
—When dawning merit in the Page appeared—
The tim'rous writer still was happily cheer'd!
TAYLOR — the unfledged actor's liberal stay,
The friend of GARRICK, and the Modern GAY!
For Nature shines through TONSON (when compar'd)
As through the paintings of the Highway Bard!
TAYLOR, the friend of KEMBLE — and the host
Our Stage for half a century can boast,
In grey hairs now — when nature scarce can move
The stings of dire misfortune's doomed to prove!
Ah, you, ye rich, of sympathising souls,
Whose purse no mean illiberal arm controuls!
Stand forth and show the virtues ye possess,
And bless the man who studied how to bless.
So may ye long with health and wealth endued,
"Enjoy the luxury of doing good!"
October 23, 1826.