Elizabeth Montagu

Anonymous, "Blue Stocking Club" The Argus (15 February 1790).

The petticoated sages of this society have given Mr. HAYLEY a conditional re-admission. He is to finish what Mrs. MONTAGUE began, which is to travesty HOMER! Part of her version we have the pleasure to subjoin, for the gratification of our readers.

ILIAD 1st.
Goddess of rhimes, yclep'd a muse, now chaunt
Of PELEUS' heir the bluster, noise and rant,
Which on the Greeks brought num'rous ills pell-mell,
And sturdy souls untimely pack'd to hell;
On defunct limbs the dogs and birds regal'd,
So all the plans of Seignier JOVE avail'd.
Lo! a great Col'nel, AGAMEMNON nam'd,
Squabbled with ACHILLES, for his valour fam'd.
Say of the folks who dwell in skyey sheds,
Which of the gods set them at loggerheads.
JOVE'S son it was, of Miss LATONA born,
(Who with his flambeau lights the new-made morn);
For he in dudgeon, and in ruthless pet,
Because the Col'nel fail'd in etiquette,
To parson CHRYSEIS, a right rev'rend blade,
With ceaseless gripes the Grecian trooper's plagu'd.