William Hayley

Anonymous, "Bas-Bleu Intelligence" The Argus (10 March 1790).

Mr. HAYLEY is again received with smiles — and the name of EUDORA expunged from the vocabulary of the feminine Sages. The meeting on Sunday instanced much learned good nature; there was no public reprobation of the literary egotism of ONE of the Members, and the lettered Dames are come to an arch-resolution, to signify disapprobation in future, by — shutting one eye.
A consolatory Epistle from Miss SEYWARD to Mr. HAYLEY, was read before the resolution was determined on, of never uttering the word "EUDORA."

Sweetest Poet — sweetest rhimer,
To the Muses belfry-chimer,
Culler of the gaudy flowers,
Fringing deep Parnassian bowers,
Where distich poppies flaunting blow,
And literary tulips glow;
And bloomy weeds in metre gay,
To form the Poet's bright bouquet:
And which for me, thou oft did chuse,
Thou sweetest Gard'ner to the Muse:
Nor even VIRGIL'S sighing swains,
Could equal me in tristful strains.
When the prints diurnal came,
And display'd Great HAYLEY'S name,
With criticisms dire surrounded,
Which in rude sarcasm abounded;
And told me — Fate could do no more — ah!
The luckless end of thy EUDORA.
But chear thy sinking soul Great Bard,
For thee, I'll snatch the bright reward,
And pour along in ging'ling rhimes,
The deeds of song to future times,
As planets small of feeble rays,
Are lost within the Solar blaze:
So, in the radiance of thy fame,
Shall stand unseen EUDORA'S name.