Lord Byron

S., "Lines addressed to Ada, on the Death of Lord Byron" Morning Post (27 July 1827).

Fair image of thy Sire! should chance e'er lead
Thy dawning int'llect o'er these lays of mine,
Turn not away, because their only meed
The colour they first caught from His and thine,—
But leave the little world, and learn Childe Harold's line.

"ADA, sole daughter of my House and heart,"
ADA! 'twas thus thy Noble Father sung;
"ADA" — why should that simple name impart
Such sacred impulse to a harp unstrung?
Which o'er this page perchance an idle strain hath flung.

ADA! He was a wand'rer from the land
Which gave him birth, who then addressed thee,
Outworn the feelings, and o'erstrain'd the hand
That held too much of others' misery;—
When shall the world again such man as BYRON see?

Weep! weep fair Child! though all have cause for tears,
A speechless agony must parch thy tongue,—
Thou wert a joy, to which thro' bitter years
Unchang'd and numberless his blessings clung,—
Last of his race! thy name his latest accents rung.