Sir Walter Raleigh

The Traveller, "To a Person who subscribes his Writings with the Name of Raleigh" The British Journal (30 Jaunary 1731).

Hear You, who, fearless of the Brand of Shame,
Subscribe your Treasons with a Raleigh's Name.

He rose a Blessing to Eliza's Reign,
And spread her Glory o'er the Land and Main,
O'er distant Seas asserted England's Sway,
And sought new Worlds beneath the burning Day:
He toil'd unweary'd for his Country's Peace,
To make her Honour and her Wealth encrease;
All mercenary Views his Soul despis'd;
He bravely practic'd what he first advis'd.
When his great Mistress from her Throne retir'd,
With the same Ardor which his Youth inspir'd,
His Part he acted on the World's great Stage,
Nor droop'd beneath the Weight of Cares nor Age;
To the last Hour was his Allegiance try'd;
Loyal he prov'd to him by whose Commands he dy'd.

Such Raleigh was; whose Fame compar'd with thine,
Is such as Milton's when compar'd with mine.

What Seas, vain Wretch, what hostile Fields, afford
A single Instance, of thy conqu'ring Sword?
Say when, or where, for England hast thou bled?
What are the Counsels of thy factious Head?
Hast thou not join'd with a licentious Train,
That vilely has traduc'd thy Monarch's Reign?
Pull off the Mask; he acts a bolder Part,
Who takes a Name that well becomes his Heart:
Henceforth, to shew that you defy all Law,
Subscribe Yourself Wat Tyler, or Jack Straw.