Aaron Hill

Margaret Hill ("Miranda"), "To Aurelia, hearing she was an Admirer of Hillarius" Richard Savage, Miscellaneous Poems and Translations (1726) 277-78.

I wonder not, Aurelia, you desire
What Heav'n, sure, form'd for Woman to admire;
But if, at distance, thus he charms thy Eye,
What would'st thou do, if Chance should bring him Nigh,
When not thy Eyes, alone, his Charms wou'd bless,
But ev'ry Sense wou'd equal Power confess?

Oh! then, Aurelia, be advis'd by me,
And wish no more this fetter'd Charm to see,
By Love and Law, 'twas doom'd he shou'd be Mine,
And He's the only Wealth, I wish not Thine.
But if, regardless of my well-meant Care,
You still will brave this Woman-catching Snare;
Think what we saw, when last, the Fields to spoil,
We jointly sported o'er the stubbly Soil,
A Flight of Birds, which late their Nests forsook,
And off their Wings the callow Down had shook,
Swift o'er the Plain in heedless Circles flew,
Till tempting Bait-feeds catch'd their wand'ring View;
In vain the wary Old-ones check'd their Haste,
With eager Joy they flutter'd down to taste,
The watchful Sportsman smil'd to see them fall,
And sprung th' unerring Net upon 'em All.